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Get to know us

At Whipcord, we come to work everyday to help our customers solve their critical business problems. We see the passion people have for their business, and it excites us to know we can help others take it to the next level by providing solutions through our core products – Colocation, Cloud, Backup & Replication, and Network Services. When passion gets powered with new insight, the possibilities are quite extraordinary. 
For nearly two decades Whipcord has been a Canadian success story, becoming an industry leader in data services with operations across Canada. Empowered by passionate staff that build deep customer partnerships and leveraging technology to drive customer solutions, we are building a connected age that serves everyone, everywhere.

Our Team

Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson  
President & CEO
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Ryan is the President and CEO of Whipcord. He received a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in geography from the University of Lethbridge. In 2000 he started a small geomatics company in Lethbridge that, through his leadership, grew to the third largest imaging company in the world – BlackBridge Geomatics. Ryan’s commitment to Lethbridge has continued through his ownership of Whipcord, founded in 2009. He was the founding president of the U of L Graduate Students’ Association and in 2005 was inducted into the U of L “Alumni Honour Society.” In 2005 Ryan was recognized by Alberta Venture Magazine as one of 13 leaders of the next generation and again in 2012 as one of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential people.

Chief Operating Officer & General Manager
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Godard is the Chief Operating Officer & General Manager of Whipcord and oversees all aspects of the core products, including sales, marketing, technology, and operations functions. He received his Ph.D, Master's, and Bachelor's degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University, Toronto. He has over 10 years of leadership and strategy execution experience specializing in program management. Prior to joining Whipcord, Godard served as the Vice President PMO for the BlackBridge group of companies for 4 years. He was responsible for managing BlackBridge's project portfolio and future space systems program.

Wilson Acton  
Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs & General Counsel
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Wilson is the Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs & General Counsel at Whipcord. With an extensive background in law and agriculture, Wilson holds a bachelor degree in Agricultural Economics and a Juris Doctor. As a transactional lawyer, Wilson assisted a wide range of businesses across a host of matters from seed capital raises to strategic acquisitions, including some of the largest and most complex M&A transactions in Canadian history. Wilson’s passion to build and grow companies from the ground up is a welcomed asset to the Whipcord team.

Matt Mendes  
Chief Financial Officer
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Matt is the Chief Financial Officer at Whipcord where he brings 15 years of experience in corporate development, finance, strategy, risk management, trading and business development. He joins Whipcord from one of North America’s largest infrastructure companies, where he spent his time in the corporate development group which was responsible for materially expanding the core infrastructure business through M&A activities totaling over $100 billion. Matt also worked to build and partially monetize one of the world’s largest renewable energy businesses with assets across North America and Europe.

Kam Shahid  
Vice President of Operations
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Kam Shahid is the VP of Operations where he applies his extensive operations knowledge along with his scaling and automation experience to leverage technology to drive customer solutions. He received his Ph.D, Master's, and Bachelor's degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Ryerson University, Toronto. He has over 10 years of technical management experience and is skilled at building efficient operational teams. Prior to joining Whipcord, Kam served as the Director of Space Operations at Planet, where he oversaw operations for all satellite and ground station assets.

Dan Hamilton
Dan Hamilton  
Vice President, Technology
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Dan brings more than 20 years of very diverse experience from hardware and software development to critical facility infrastructure, and is responsible for Whipcord’s overall IT strategy and direction. With Dan’s wide range of technological experience, he unites diverse IT specialists and keep the big picture in mind while managing complex multi-disciplinary projects.

Karla Ginter  
Corporate Controller
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Karla brings 13 years of experience to Whipcord in public accounting, taxation and consulting, having obtained her CPA designation in 2004. As the Corporate Controller of Whipcord, she oversees all accounting, taxation and financial reporting, as well as risk management and treasury functions. She received her Bachelor of Commerce (hons) from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba and plays an active role in the community, serving as treasurer for various associations.

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Shannon Rector  
Director, Sales

Nudrat Majid  
Customer Success Manager
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As the Customer Success Manger at Whipcord, Nudrat actively manages client relationships from deal closing to customer onboarding. As an experienced IT specialist, Nudrat brings 15 years of experience with extensive knowledge in research, profit map analysis, financial data, pricing and internal business tools and software. She received her degree in Management Information Systems from Central Connecticut State University, US and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from National University of Bangladesh.

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