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Meet a Whipcordian: Chris Perlette

April 11, 2019



Chris here – I was born and raised in Calgary, living there until I left to attend the University of Lethbridge, where I’m currently completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. Like many technologically inclined kids I was recruited as tech support by much of my family. Eventually I decided that I might as well start getting money out of the deal, and that’s the story behind why I'm taking computer science.

I’m pretty outdoorsy; I use to do many extended backpacking trips, but due to time and my appreciation for a soft bed, I don’t do that as much anymore. When I started university I also started climbing and a large part of the reason I wanted to find a job in Lethbridge was because it’s closer to Frank Slide. I spend as much time as I can climbing out there when the weather isn’t bad - so unfortunately not much in the winter.

When I’m not out climbing on real rock you can find me at Coulee Climbing Lethbridge where I also occasionally set routes. Otherwise, you’ll usually find me doing one of my random hobbies like playing bass guitar, painting, gaming, 3D printing or graphic design.

I’ve known for quite some time that I wanted to find a job where I would be working with a wide array of computers and technology, which is why I wanted to work for Whipcord. After meeting the NOC team, along with overhearing marketing talking about the questions they would ask if they were interviewing, I knew it was a good fit for me.

I’m most looking forward to learning about the practical side of System Administration and what I hope to contribute to Whipcord, is my ability to quickly trouble shoot problems and deploy hardware and software.

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Chris Perlette, Junior System Administrator

Written by Chris Perlette, Junior System Administrator

Currently finishing his Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Lethbridge, Chris is getting up to speed in our Network Operations Centre, where he’ll work full-time after graduation. Prior to Whipcord, he gained his co-op experience at the Lethbridge Agri-Food Research Centre and has software experience with coding programs.

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