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Meet a Whipcordian: Mark Rudolph

February 27, 2019


Hi, I’m Mark Rudolph and I just started at Whipcord in January with my role being to assist in bringing in new business and drinking coffee. I grew up in Seattle, Washington but was born in Vancouver BC; I’m also new to Calgary, so I’m still trying to get use to the prairie lifestyle, purchasing cowboy boots for the Stampede only last year. I still don’t own a cowboy hat.

I’m one-part techno nerd, one-part mountain biker, one-part photographer and one-part handyman.  Add in a dash of humour and a dash of positive energy and you get me! I’m an early adopter of new ideas, and I like solving problems - I’m the person most turn to when they can't figure out how to turn the volume down on their home audio system. Some call me a technology pioneer, but I suspect that's because at one time I did backups on floppy disks.

The past four years I worked in the largest virtual reality lab in North America where VR and AR were used as sales tools to present interior design, with my day being spent inside a virtual reality headset. I’m also a photographer, but these days I spend more time using my iPhone camera than time in the studio. I also love riding mountain bikes as well as working on and fixing them.

I’ve done a lot of travelling, with my fondest memories being Paris, Hamburg, Hawaii, Cancun, Jamaica, Shanghai and Tofino. I learned how to surf in Tofino, BC but like to travel to Hawaii or Mexico to surf whenever I can.

At Whipcord I’m looking forward to contributing towards the sales efforts, while also looking forward to my 10-year anniversary here where I hope to get a chocolate cake. Although, I’m thinking that will only be possible by achieving or exceeding my sales quotas for 9 years straight – which is the plan!

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Whipcord Team

Written by Whipcord Team

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