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Meet a Whipcordian: Mohammad Ansari

December 17, 2018

Ansari-familyMost technical-backed people from my country dream to settle in Canada, US or Australia and I moved to Saskatoon, SK, Canada in October 2017. It was so cold, especially in November to January and as I experienced -30 to -50 temperatures. I first thought “oh! I made a big mistake getting permanent residency in Canada.”

I visited so many places in Saskatoon in the first few months and noticed the people’s cooperation, their behavior and its administration were greatly impressive. I started to love this country and finally made the decision to adopt Canada as my country! Of course, I always hold a special love for my home country of Bangladesh.

Ansari1Ansari2My passion is bringing technology into human life directly for the betterment of every aspect of life. I enjoy driving car, browsing new places - especially natural beauties, having delicious food outside with my family (two sons and my wife). Though, when I was kid, I had a dream to become truck driver and travel anywhere.

I started at Whipcord in December 2018 in the position of Junior System Administrator in the Network Operations Centre. I graduated from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology in Bangladesh in 2006 in the discipline of ‘Computer Science & Engineering’. I have been working in IT industry for around ten years with extensive experience in server infrastructure management, Linux System Administration and virtualization. I want to serve Whipcord going forward towards its bright future and I find all colleagues here cooperative, caring and friendly even beyond my expectation.       

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Mohammad Ansari, Junior System Administrator

Written by Mohammad Ansari, Junior System Administrator

Graduating from Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology in Bangladesh, Ansari brings 10 years of extensive IT experience to Whipcord's Network Operations Centre.

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