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Whipcord Partners with Tetranex to Build Cryptomining Pod

September 24, 2018

We have now partnered with Tetranex to manufacture and install our first cryptomining pod!

Construction progressing on the modular solution, preparing for delivery to Whipcord
We're so excited to expand our operations into the cryptomining realm as we partner with big names and make bold moves! 

Inside PodThe initial pod we're manufacturing will host about 250 GPU mining rigs (over 2,000 GPU cards). It's been designed as a modular system that will easily support additional miners while controlling our capital outlay until our customer, Blackcloud, is ready to install more machines.  

The base shell of the pod is a 40' long "high cube" container, which gave us a little extra height to work with compared to a standard 40’ container.  

The design is focused on using free cooling (uncooled air from outside) due to Alberta's cool climate with the ability to move high volumes of air in the warm summer months. The large openings will be air intakes and covered with louvers and include an integrated filtration system to ensure we bring clean air into the pod. Then, the smaller openings are for a series of exhaust fans which will suck the air through the container.  

We'll share more photos as the installation progresses, so subscribe to our blog to watch the project develop! 


Whipcord Team

Written by Whipcord Team

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