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Get acquainted with our Whipcord mascots!

The Story of:




Although IO and Byte are new team members to the Whipcord family, they started their journey inside the walls of our Lethbridge office. A few of our engineers were looking for a fun project to work on in their spare time, and boom! IO and Byte were born. Our engineers spent hours programming IO to help configure the optimal IT infrastructure solutions. Their vision for Byte was all about security. To ensure our customers that their data services were safe and sound inside of our data centre we assigned Byte with the brave task of 24/7 outdoor surveillance – he’s our eyes and ears…our watch dog. Although fierce when he needs to be, he’s a sucker for jerky!

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Say hello to IO.

IO, commonly known in computing as, input/output or I/O (or, informally, IO) is the communication between an information processing system, such as a computer, and the outside world, possibly a human or another information processing system. IO is highly intelligent with a side of SaaS.

Dog only


Byte doesn't bite.

Byte's name came from the data measurement unit that contains eight bits, or a series of eight zeros and ones. While the byte was originally designed to store character data, it has become the fundamental unit of measurement for data storage. Byte and IO come as a package deal. He’s feisty, energetic and a little ruff around the edges. 


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Our infamous rocket ship.

IO uses the rocket ship as an example to illustrate how the ideal infrastructure is built. He stack elements of the rocket ship in the following order:

  • Network: The top cone
  • Backup & Replication: The mid body
  • Private Cloud: The lower body
  • Colocation: The base and fins

Now that our rocket ship is fully built which means we are ready to help you prepare your business for take-off! 


Let IO and Byte help you in building the ideal IT infrastructure for your business!

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