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Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

Veeam Cloud Connect Replication provides business continuity through the ability to recover servers on an individual or site level, and offers the best protection against equipment failure or a site-wide disaster. Through Whipcord, your organization can take advantage of an affordable, fast, secure, cloud-based disaster recovery solution. Easily set up and maintain a secure multi-tenant environment for hosting standby virtual machines.

How it works

  • Customer Infrastructure: Select which VMs you would like to replicate
  • Encryption: Single-port connectivity via a secure and reliable TLS/SSL (Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer) connection to Whipcord with traffic encryption 
  • Whipcord Infrastructure: The cloud gateway directs customer data to a Veeam repository, residing in our highly available cloud infrastructure


VCCR - Graphic.png


One click failover/failback

Replication is your safety net - if a production VM goes down, you can failover to a replica, giving users access to the services and applications they need with minimum disruption while you resolve the issue.

Full and partial failbacks are available to restore normal business operations - failback to the existing environment, new hardware, a new location, or make Whipcord your production environment 

Why Veeam Cloud Connect Replication through Whipcord?

  • We know Veeam: Whipcord was Veeam's Canadian launch partner in 2014 and are Veeam's preferred partner in western Canada - one of only 3 nationwide
  • Control it: you're in control of the replication and when and how long they are spun up. You can restore individual VMs or full environment from a web portal
  • Reduced risks: reduce the risks with major upgrades of either hardware/software
  • Test it: Replicas can be used as a test/dev to test upgrades before promoting to production 
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