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Data services company, Whipcord expands into Vancouver, hosts launch event with Veeam

Vancouver, BC – July 6, 2016 – Alberta-based data services company, Whipcord, is making their move into the national market with an expansion into Vancouver and Toronto. To celebrate, Whipcord, along with partners Veeam, Skyway West and 3Copies, will co-host an official launch event on July 12 at the prestigious Jericho Tennis Club in Vancouver, British Columbia. With more companies demanding a reliable Disaster Recovery Solution, Whipcord is offering this opportunity for business leaders to learn about modern disaster recovery and how, with Veeam’s Availability SuiteTM, it’s simple to create a comprehensive Availability strategy that includes an off-site infrastructure in the cloud.

“Whipcord’s expansion into the BC marketplace is a natural evolution in our growth path,” says Mike Stechyshyn, Senior Director, Business Development. “Now British Columbia based businesses can avail themselves of Whipcord’s high performance Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) locally and leverage our national network for Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. Our launch event will show how clients can work with Veeam’s backup software in conjunction with Whipcord’s IaaS (cloud) for a cost effective high performance backup solution.”

Jeremy Carr, Systems Engineer – Western Canada Region for Veeam, will present on leveraging IT investments in server virtualization, modern storage and the cloud. A demonstration of a failover in Whipcord’s data centre will show how simple it is to set up and recover files on a specific virtual machine or an entire site. Skyway West and 3Copies will also present on how they integrate with Whipcord by assisting with the bandwidth consultative process as well as server and storage infrastructure merging.

With less than 6 per cent of backups tested quarterly, 16 per cent of restore operations failing due to faulty restore points and a nearly 1-in-6 chance that the data is gone and unrecoverable, the need for a backup and recovery solution is imperative in maintaining business continuity. Whipcord offers an array of simple and effective solutions that can be mixed and matched to suit each business’s resiliency requirements.

Whipcord, based in Lethbridge, Alberta, is a high performance IT infrastructure company that provides services that are reliable, fast and flexible within their four areas of specialization – colocation, backup and recovery, cloud services, and network services out of their purpose-built Tier 3 designed data centre. Their recent expansion into Tier 3 designed data centres in Vancouver and Toronto has established them as leaders in the IT industry across the country.

To learn more about Whipcord’s expansion plans, the event in Vancouver, or for interview requests please contact:

Melanie Berdusco | marketing@whipcord.com

About Whipcord

Whipcord, a Canadian success story, has grown in the last 16 years from a start-up geospatial company to a leader in the data services industry. Their work with Planet Labs (formerly BlackBridge) required transferring, processing and retention of large geospatial data sets and the management of associated infrastructure. This provided the foundational skills which led to the opening of their data centre business. The high performance IT infrastructure company offers IT services that are reliable, fast and flexible, specializing in four areas - colocation, cloud services, backup and recovery, and network services.

Whipcord’s team of experts create custom solutions for businesses, allowing business owners to focus on their own successes. The company’s flagship location is in Lethbridge, Alberta along with their purpose-built 38,000 ft2 Tier 3 designed data centre, but has recently expanded to the Vancouver and Toronto markets in 2016.


About Veeam

Businesses need Data Protection, Availability and Complete Visibility in their operations, they need a solution built for Virtualization and the Modern Always-On Enterprise. Veeam delivers 3x very different numbers, 100, 0, and 15 – 100 per cent of Veeam Customer’s backups can be automatically tested, 0 per cent failure rate in recoveries and RTO’s and RPO’s of less than 15 minutes.

Veeam delivers on these numbers by focusing on five key areas of excellence; high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, verified protection, leveraged data, and complete visibility. Through these five key areas of excellence Veeam gives their customers peace of mind that they can confidently run and protect business-critical applications and maintain the availability requirements facing their Always-On Enterprise


About 3Copies

3Copies is new company made up of staff with decades of experience assisting businesses with their computer, server and storage infrastructure merging with Disaster Recovery Services to assist with business’ continuity needs.


About Skyway West
Skyway West is a Vancouver-based ISP providing corporate clients with High Speed Internet Access and Wide Area Network services since 1996. Skyway West offers Public and Private Networking, Internet Bonding and Failover delivered over Full Duplex Fibre, Business ADSL, Cable and LTE cellular.


The Whipcord Team

Written by The Whipcord Team