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010 Managing IT Securely

case study.

Scaling New Heights Together in the Cloud.


Scaling New Heights Together in the Cloud.

010 Data Protection, a premier provider of cyber security and disaster recovery services, partnered with Whipcord Edge to enhance their offerings and drive growth through advanced cloud infrastructure solutions.



010 Data Protection required a dependable partner to strengthen their Business Continuity Planning (BCP) services and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), aiming to deliver top-notch cloud-based solutions to their clients.


After a comprehensive assessment of 010's requirements, Whipcord Edge integrated their advanced data center services, providing a robust platform to seamless enable the 010 cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions tailored to 010 client’s needs.


This partnership led to improved service reliability and security for 010's clients. By leveraging Whipcord Edge's infrastructure, 010 significantly enhanced their disaster recovery capabilities, attracting new clients and solidifying their market position. Utilizing DRP engagements as a lead generation tool, 010 successfully expanded their client base, offering comprehensive and reliable disaster recovery solutions.

After a comprehensive review of the marketplace against 010's requirements, we selected Whipcord Edge as a key delivery partner. Their advanced data centre and flexible infrastructure services supports  010 tailoring our cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions each of 010 client’s need.

- Guy Netaneli

CEO - 010 Managing IT Securely




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