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Managed Colocation

Protect your IT investment with our Data Centers.



With Whipcord Edge Managed Colocation, customers protect their IT investments by hosting their equipment in our secure Canadian data centres. They have the peace of mind knowing their equipment is still fully in their control but homed in a secure and redundant SOC2 certified, Tier 3 compliant facility. They benefit from guaranteed power, cooling and resilient fibre networks with fire suppression and video surveillance without the high capital cost and hassle of maintaining a data centre.

Our Managed Colocation services are supported by our highly trained technicians that are available to assist customers deploy their mission-critical infrastructure in our highly secure and available locations or facilitating your Edge and Network related needs in our POP sites located on the Canadian network backbone across Canada.


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Still have Servers at your office? Host them with us!


Leverage Whipcord Edge Managed Colocation Services to reduce risk, save money and get ready for the cloud!


As a full service data centre colocation provider, we offer solutions for your servers and devices and assist with businesses transition to the cloud. As more business look for solutions to reduce their commercial real state, our Managed Colocation facilities offer a safe and resilient location for servers and devices that require a dedicated space.

Our facilities provide reliability, security and performance to make sure your systems are always up and running. Our clients have peace of mind without the capital expense and the risks associated with running their own data centre - we're also Cloud friendly with a number of options to meet your needs.


Focus on your business while we keep your infrastructure running. Well designed data centre and trained Technicians to help.


Multiple diverse fibre routes and points of presence in major carrier hotels provide reliable, scalable connectivity to power your business


Connected Western and Eastern data centres, interconnection on the Canadian backbone to meet your network needs


Managed Colocation Features

Flexible options to meet your needs.

With the highly secure, redundant design and industry best practices, you can rest assured you are in good hands. In addition, we have a wide variety of flexible deployment options to tailor an environment to meet your specific data centre solution.

Our managed colocation services become a  flexible and power tool for our customers especially when combined the suite of geo-redundant services available with Whipcord Edge.

Managed Colocation Space

  • Accessible & Secure
  • Full, Half or Quarter lockable cabinets  
  • Custom Cages to meet your needs
  • Access Controlled with Biometric Security
  • 24/7 video surveillance
  • per U hosting for single servers
  • Edge hosting at our carrier hotel locations

Secure space is the starting point for even the most basic colocation service providers. You might have a single server or the need for a geo-redundant solution with cabinets on both ends of the country. Whipcord Edge has managed colocation options from our Western and Eastern Canada locations with the ability to host your edge devices at our POP locations across Canada.

With a variety of options to suit customers of all sizes from single servers to dedicated cage environments for  custom infrastructure, our Managed Colocation services can provide a stable and secure, geo-redundant solution for demanding data centre requirements.

Remote Hands

  • Ad-hoc or scheduled tasks
  • Move-in services (racking and cabling)
  • Shipping, Receiving & Inventory
  • Troubleshooting & Inspection
  • Hardware Replacement and RMA
Whipcord Edge Managed Colocation - Remote Hands

Whipcord Edge provides professional support to Managed Colocation customers requiring onsite assistance for both immediate and scheduled maintenance tasks. Our Support Team is always available when you need us.

With your equipment being supported by our highly trained technicians, the same ones that manage our Private Cloud, we can act as an extension of your IT Department so you can focus on your core business and leave the infrastructure to a team you can depend on

Highly Redundant Design

  • No single point of failure
  • Redundant UPS systems to ensure power availability
  • Multiple fibre paths to ensure network performance
  • Resilient cooling systems for optimal server environment
  • Designed to prevent downtime
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) backed by infrastructure

Not all Colocation Service Providers have the same philosophy. Whipcord Edge Managed Colocation offers a cost-effective service without any compromise on uptime and resilience. We never scrimp on redundancy, maintenance programs or the infrastructure that matters to prevent unplanned downtime for our customers.

Highly Secure

  • Badged entry with Two Factor Authentication
  • Internal Security Zones
  • Key Card Controlled Doorways
  • CCTV cameras with video archive
  • 24x7x365 Security Monitoring and Surveillance
  • Man trap
  • Biometric scanners

Managed Colocation customers looking at data centres, typically wanted to see all the bells and whistles — huge branding, gizmo's and gadgets - these days with the focus on hybrid solutions between physical hardware and the cloud, the focus is more on security. Customers want to make sure their data centre service provider's space, power, and security are as close to 100% reliable.


  • Carrier Neutral with options
  • Bring your own network
  • Leverage our BGP, multihomed Internet
  • Interconnect at our carrier hotel POPs
  • Last mile connectivity to premise
  • Managed Firewall gateways
  • Public Cloud On Ramps

Whipcord Edge provides connected data centres in Western and Eastern Canada supported by our own fibre network with POP sits in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. With ample space, power and connectivity in every zone, our network-rich, cloud-enabled data centres are tethered by dark fibre and lit services enabling scalable growth within, and access between markets.  With inter-site connectivity, and available ISP services, you can connect your geographically diverse deployments or improve your multi-region cloud architecture.

Power Design

  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Redundant (A + B) distribution
  • N+1 Uninterrupted Power Systems
  • Backup Generator(s)
  • Efficient and Scalable
  • High Density available


Whipcord Edge Managed Colocation is delivered on redundant Power infrastructure to ensure customer availability. Redundant power distribution, diverse Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS), backed by standby Generators, we provide customers a 100% Service Level Agreement that is based on well designed, maintained infrastructure with industry-leading reliability.



To us at Whipcord Edge, the term hybrid cloud means our ability to support customers no matter where they are in their outsourcing or cloud journey.  We offer a suite of services to build the ideal solution to support customer workload requirements. With mission-critical infrastructure, network services and experienced Support to help.

  • Legacy IT infrastructure that needs protection and tired of the expense and nuissance of running a server closet?
  • Looking to try cloud services but concerned about cloud lock-in or having all the skills you need to transform your business?
  • Want to use Public Cloud for the vanilla, scalable services it is great at but not sure how to connect it to your other infrastructure?
  • Need help figuring out your security posture, setting up disaster recovery or backup across multiple environments?

Whipcord Edge can help!


Managed Colocation + Private Cloud

Whipcord Edge is a hybrid data centre colocation provider.  We can protect your IT equipment in our Colocation environment and augment with cloud capabilities to support your cloud journey when you are ready.  Future proof your outsourcing decision!



As a hybrid data centre services provider, we're more than just Managed Colo. We provide value added services including geo-redundant Colocation, Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service. In addition, we can build you a Dedicated Private Cloud or offer Bare Metal Compute hosted in our facilities when your existing servers reach end of life.

 Our 24x7 NOC is always available so you can focus on what’s most important to you.



If your business needs full control of their data centre environment, Whipcord Edge can support that with our wholesale offerings. We provide space, power and network. You supply your own in-suite racks, cooling and power distribution.

Our wholesale options provide your IT team total autonomy and control over your critical assets and infrastructure without the capital and operating expenses required to build and operate your own data center.

Wholesale options are based on long term lease agreements where you build out fully autonomous suites. Whipcord  Edge provides environmental controls and facility maintenance governed by SLAs to ensure your business operations. 


Find out more on how Whipcord Edge helps businesses transition to the cloud.