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The IT strategy for most Canadian companies faced a pivot in 2020/2021, to very quickly support  a remote workforce. While initially it was a mad scramble, most organizations were able to adapt and thrive with a remote workforce.

With 2022 planning, companies are now revisiting their office strategy. The successful uptake of work from home combined with a demanding labour market that do not want to head back into the office are leading most companies to revisit the traditional office.

There has been considerable recent press releases about large companies shifting to remote or hybrid models. Sunlife Financial, Facebook, CIBC and Ford to name a few.

As companies look to shed themselves of office space,  they are faced with another dilemma. What do they do with their IT equipment in the office? (The dreaded “server room”):

  • Many offices still have Servers, Storage and Networking equipment
  • Equipment supporting Key Applications and Remote staff working from home
  • Additional support headaches since IT staff are also working from home
  • Internet - multi year Telecom contracts based on workers at the office, that are no longer there
  • No one there for emergencies when equipment need reboots or the undersized air conditioner fails

Since no one likes to pay for real estate that’s not being utilized, IT equipment in the office can become a real challenge. What to do?

Companies are turning to local hybrid data centre providers to help keep their systems running allowing them to reduce their real estate costs.

  1. Physical devices can be moved into a data centre that can often provide higher security and availability of power, cooling and fibre at a reasonable cost
  2. Employees can continue to be supported as the Remote Access tools used are migrated to the data centre
  3. Some applications can be migrated to a Private Cloud in the same data centre offering low latency and improved support 
  4. Hands on requirements can be easily handled by data centre technicians ensuring someone is always available to help
  5. If you work with a Carrier Neutral provider, you can often MOVE your existing internet connection to the data centre
  6. Moving your Internet means you don’t have to worry about changing your IP addresses which can be painful.
  7. Using a data centre can often mean an improved Cyber Security stance as well as other security produces to augment your security posture

As you plan your 2022 budgets, and reducing real estate costs – Whipcord Edge can help.

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