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What exactly is private cloud, and how is it different from public cloud services?

I think one way to look at it is that private cloud is the sort of cloud you would choose to build for yourself. Based on an industry standard platform, fully compatible with your existing Enterprise applications, secure and isolated from the public Internet.

Our Multi-Tenant Private Cloud is one of our core services that we’ve offered almost since inception. Based on VMWare’s vSphere and fully managed by our NOC team, the beauty of this service is its simplicity and its granularity of scale. We build individual virtual machines to your exact specifications and provide you with secure remote access and you’re up and running without needing a devops resource to manage the complexity of public cloud infrastructure.

But for larger customers who need more than a handful of VMs, or for those who have experience with vSphere and want the ability to spin up or modify VMs at will, we have a great new option with our Dedicated Private Cloud offering.

With this new service, you can choose the specs of your physical hosts which are dedicated to you with their own vSphere instance. You can have full access to the hypervisor, but we can still manage the environment for you including setting it up according to our best practices and providing regular maintenance and vendor patches. 

On the storage side, you can have your own dedicated storage or take advantage of our multi-tenant storage tiers. We offer several models of Tintri storage (which we recommend and use in our multi-tenant environments), though other storage options are also available. 

We provide fully managed 10G networking that enables extremely fast performance for storage and for virtual machine migration between hosts.


We also have tremendous flexibility to provide hybrid offerings with colo and cloud, so you can bring your own hardware firewalls, security devices or legacy hardware and integrate it seamlessly with your cloud environment. This new service opens up new opportunities for our customers to streamline their IT operations while improving availability and lowering costs. The best of both worlds, indeed!

Dan Hamilton, COO

Written by Dan Hamilton, COO

Dan brings more than 20 years of very diverse experience from hardware and software development to critical facility infrastructure, and is responsible for Whipcord’s overall service delivery and product strategy.