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Wow! After a big week in Boston at the Inbound 2017 Conference, I’m excited to head back to Canada and share all my newfound knowledge with my team.

Inbound2017-1.jpgWhat is Inbound? In a nutshell; marketing, creativity, new ideas, networking, learning and having a ton of fun while doing it. Inbound attracted more than 21,000 people from 100 countries this year to their annual conference in Boston, MA. There were more than 200 breakout sessions throughout the week, as well as spotlight and keynote speakers with big names in the industry, such as Rand Fishkin from Moz, Piera Gelardi of Refinery29, and of course the one and only Michelle Obama.

So why are we, a data service company, talking about a marketing conference? Well, Inbound is a huge opportunity to learn from our peers about what they’re doing to serve their customers better in a rapidly changing world. Of course, we always want to attract new customers, but much of our focus is on how we can create and maintain stronger relationships with our existing customers.

We know our customers are amazing and we’ve created some fantastic partnerships with many companies in Canada such as Wolf Creek Public Schools, Tecconnect, West Canadian and Rocky Mountain Equipment, but we want to bring those partnerships and new ones to the next level. Inbound2017-2.jpgWe’re not just delivering products and services, we’re creating solutions for businesses that allow them to meet their goals. Our customers require unique solutions and at Whipcord, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to better the customer experience in innovative ways.  

We understand the process from problem to solution can be intimidating, but we aim to provide the best information to help you understand the solutions available to you and how it helps your business succeed.

So, while we attend marketing conferences to learn techniques to attract new customers, we also attend to ensure we’re delivering the best service from day one. As a tech company that’s constantly changing and adapting in an evolving world, Inbound’s main message resonates with what we do every day: Don’t embrace the future, charge into it.

Until next year! Thanks Inbound! 


The Whipcord Team

Written by The Whipcord Team