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The 451 Group recently published an update to their 2017 article article “Why Companies Move Apps from Colocation to Cloud, and Why some Move Back“.

In their original article, they reached out to uses of both Colocation and Cloud services to get their insights. Some of their findings at the time:
  • 45% of repatriations were due to Colocation being cheaper for certain applications
  • 39% kept workloads on public cloud where unpredictable demand benefited from scalable compute
  • 34% found public cloud ideal during the development lifecycle
  • 47% moved back to Colocation for better performance

There are a number of other statistical shared and the article was written at a time when there was a black and white industry view on using Colocation vs Cloud. The main finding seemed to be that IT DEPENDS….that the right platform depended on the unique characteristics of the workload itself. From our early days in 2015, C15Edge has preached the Hybrid message, providing a range of services from Colo to Cloud to help customers land applications in an ideal environment.

Fast forward to a related 451 article in 2020 titled “What Next-Gen Hybrid Cloud Means for Colo Data Centers“, and we see how far we have come. Public cloud developing tools to help bridge the gap between Colo and Cloud (and other Clouds). While the tools still have a way to go before they will REALLY help bridge the gap (Vendor Lock in, Proprietary infrastructure, Complexity), the fact that Public Cloud is recognizing the need for hybrid and showing movement is great to see. 

As a Hybrid Data Center, we live in the middle – helping our customers one workload at a time with Colocation, Private Cloud and Public Cloud connect to help them find the idea environment.  If you ever need help,  don't hesitate to contact us.

Joe Damiani

Written by Joe Damiani