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Gutenberg Revolution: Inventor of the Printing Press

By Sasha Goble on September 14, 2017

Prior to the year 1450 making a book was a painstaking task, resulting in only 40-50 pages being printed per day. However, the invention of the printing press allowed mass production of books, with knowledge quickly being able to spread throughout Europe.

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Why Should You Care About RPO and RTO?

By Sasha Goble on September 5, 2017

As a business, your recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO) are important aspects to your disaster recovery plan. As part of that plan, your data should be backed up or replicated and knowing your RPO and RTO will help you make an informed decision on what’s right for your business.

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Pioneer of Computer Science

By Sasha Goble on August 24, 2017

In 1950, mathematician Alan Turing shared his belief that computers would one day be so powerful that they would be able to think and also that artificial intelligence would become a reality. He created the Universal Turing Machine in 1936 that could be programmed to do anything, thus starting a new era of business computing. Turing also had a huge impact during World War II, but this wasn’t widely known until the 1970s as his work for the military was considered top-secret.

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Why Disaster Recovery as a Service?

By Sasha Goble on August 22, 2017

The biggest concern during a disaster is the financial loss that businesses will incur based on their ability to keep recovery time (RTO) low. Larger corporations have the financial resources and staff to reduce downtime, but the statistics for small to medium sized businesses are not as encouraging. It’s important to have a plan in case of disaster – which can be anything from a natural disaster to an internal failure. But, the decision on which service to utilize will depend on your in-house IT specialists so before making your decision you’ll want to consider your available resources, risks and the subsequent financial losses you may face.

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19th Century Weather Forecasting

By Sasha Goble on August 17, 2017

Today we have many tools to predict the weather as we can scientifically measure the temperature, air pressure and windspeed. However, before these tools and technologies, the weather was predicted by the appearance of clouds or the behaviour of animals. As these predictions became more sophisticated and the need for weather forecasting was introduced, inventions like the telegraph proved itself to be useful in unexpected ways.

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How NAFTA Renegotiations Will Affect Canadians

By Sasha Goble on August 15, 2017

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) exists to remove barriers to the exchange of goods and services between the United States, Canada and Mexico. As an integrated market worth $6.5 trillion annually, it also removes taxes on traded products and protects copyrights, patents and trademarks. However, the personal information of Canadians is on the table this time as NAFTA heads into renegotiations this month.

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What You Need to Know About Disaster Recovery

By Sasha Goble on August 9, 2017

When talking about disaster, most people immediately think of natural disasters, but there are more risks than just heavy rain or damaging winds. It’s important to consider man-made disasters when assessing your risks like chemical spills, cyberattacks or arson.

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Are You Promoting Strong Cyber Security?

By Sasha Goble on August 2, 2017

You can arm your company with all the best resources from software to hardware, but you’re still only as strong as your weakest link. Did you know that ‘people’ pose the highest security threat? It’s important that everyone within your organization adheres to a set of best practice security measures and knows what to do and who to talk to about cyber security, because it’s not enough to only be protected by an anti-virus.

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Student Project to Enterprise System

By Sasha Goble on July 28, 2017

At Whipcord we’re proud of our talented team - from the members of our Network Operations Centre (NOC) to our front-line sales team, we work hard to provide our clients with comprehensive high touch service. Today we’re featuring a newer member of our NOC who was integral in developing our new Bandwidth Accounting System.

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Your Biggest Security Threat is Likely Not What You Think

By Sasha Goble on July 24, 2017

If your company has experienced security issues, you may be wondering where you went wrong? You’ll be surprised to know that when it comes to protecting your infrastructure, there’s more to it than just the physical location of your servers and the software security you utilize. 

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