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When it comes to moving your servers off-site, the only real question is “if not here, then why there?” The IT field experiences rapid advancements that give data centres an edge over what other businesses can provide for themselves, from a high level of physical security to network speeds. However, where data centres see huge benefits with these advancements, it brings challenges to many other industries that are now struggling to keep up with huge influxes in their data.

Top Needs Colocation Fulfills 

Increasing IT Challenges
What does it take to improve your aging in-house infrastructure and manage the big data that was once stored in filing cabinets? Time and money. How does colocation fulfill that need? Well, a data centre already has the most current technological advances, physical space and IT personnel to protect and manage your equipment. Since data centres exist to protect your data, you won’t get the same level of dedication and care on-site.

Expanding with Colocation
Let’s talk about what happens when you need to scale up as your business grows. Other than the physical space available – and potentially running out of room as you add equipment and staff – there’s also increased needs for power, cooling, security and connectivity. Colocation offers significant cost savings, higher reliability and uptime, greater flexibility and scalability, security and support, and disaster recovery planning. Grow your business with confidence!

Whipcord LOGO ONLY PNG.pngWe offer additional benefits like remote hands through our Network Operations Centre (NOC) and our staff is highly skilled with 100 years of combined IT experience. With Whipcord, a solutions architect will be assigned to your case, becoming an extension of your team.

Security Concerns
Your customers expect their personal information is safe with the companies they do business with. Hosting your own servers increases your risk for loss or downtime, but when you choose off-site colocation for your business, you’re able to pass on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) data centres offer. This is also a bonus if your business faces compliance issues, such as the public healthcare industry or private law offices.

Hybrid Solutions
What does this mean for you? Your servers are not only on-site, but your data is backed up in the cloud and can be recovered to minimize your downtime and inconvenience. Hybrid solutions leverage the cloud to give you the most seamless transition between other available complementary services, like backup and replication.

Whipcord LOGO ONLY PNG.pngOur dedicated purpose-built facility is SOC2 certified and undergoes annual audits, offering you unmatched physical security. In addition, our Canadian flag-ship Tier 3 designed data centre is in an extremely low risk location with two more centres in Vancouver and Toronto, ensuring your data stays in Canada - download our risk assessment below!


Top Industries that Benefit From Colocation 

As most industries are driven by the economy, many are looking for other options to meet their fluctuating needs. When the dollar decreases, it results in reduced consumer spending, increased unemployment and shrinking margins. As budgets decrease, organizations look for more cost-effective ways to meet their demands.

For the largest industry in the world, finding a solution that works with a decreasing budget and good return on investment (ROI) can be challenging. As organizations scale-up, the need for more equipment and IT staff can be overwhelming to a decreasing budget, but colocation offers a managed solution from system administration to networking equipment that translates into increased ROI.


Higher Education
The biggest problem this industry faces is aging infrastructure, as most colleges and universities operate in older buildings that need upgrading. It can cost millions in maintenance to house the IT resources they need and double-digit millions to build a new facility. Moving servers off-site for an industry that grows despite turbulent economic times, provides the most cost-efficient solution to scale-up.

Legal Offices
Colocation offers a compelling solution to protecting the legal industry’s mission-critical digital records while conforming to industry compliance requirements. Data centres are purpose-built with the highest level of physical security, as well as being located in the lowest risk locations. Aside from the decreased risk for loss of data and equipment that off-site colocation provides, location is also a hot topic when it comes to data sovereignty laws.Whipcord-Advantage5.png

If you're ready to make the leap to off-site colocation in a data centre, we're here to help!


The Whipcord Team

Written by The Whipcord Team