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The Top 4 Reasons Why Whipcord is the Best Choice for the Education Marketplace: Reason #2

December 14, 2016

Whipcord focuses on customer satisfaction

Sure, every business wants to ensure their customers are satisfied, but we're committed to providing an excellent experience from our first contact to your entire duration with us. Just how committed are we? Ask our customers! Last year our customers gave us a 96% overall Customer Satisfaction Score, with 86% of respondents saying their Whipcord experience was Excellent or Very Good.
When asked what differentiates Whipcord from other providers, the number one answer was Customer Support followed closely by Service Quality and our Location. (Did we mention we're in an extremely low risk environment and all your data stays in Canada? Check out our risk assessment below).

Risk Assessment PDF


CustSat2015 v2.jpg

Our customers are eager to recommend us to their peers and 46% of respondents rated us as "Much Better" than other data providers they've worked with.

We live and breathe not just to simply sell products and services, but to help our customers solve an issue so they can focus on their continued success in their own businesses and organizations. Our high-touch customer service promise means our main goal is concentrating on what our customers need and gives us the flexibility to create a unique solution every time. 
Our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey has been released, check it out below! 
 2016 Survey

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The Whipcord Team

Written by The Whipcord Team

Our mission is to fundamentally reshape how we produce food by using technology, data and artificial intelligence to drive profitability and sustainability in agriculture. We're achieving this with our firm foundation in data services and our deep roots and cutting edge products in agriculture. Whether it's with First Pass for our agriculture customers or Cloud Solutions for our enterprise customers, we believe in simple solutions that help our neighbours produce more.