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Our team specializes in four key areas

We're a one-stop-shop for all your needs with our experts specializing in colocation, backup & replication, cloud and network and we can combine services to create the best fit for your business.


Good governance demands companies ensure critical IT infrastructure is located in a secure, fault-tolerant facilty. Whipcord offers higher levels of uptime than the average on-premises facility, while keeping the mission critical knowledge of your data and business applications within the control of your company. Colocation.jpgThis allows you to leverage our world-class multi-tenant data centre for reliable power, cooling and network capacity while reducing your capital expenditures.

Whipcord's flagship data centre is located in Lethbridge, Alberta in an extremely low risk location, safe from natural, man made and political hazards and is built to a Tier 3 specification. Our Toronto and Vancouver data centres are connected to the Toronto Internet Exchange and Vancouver Internet Exchange, making them the two largest Internet exchanges in Canada.
Whipcord's backup & replication services make proactive preparation for IT risk mitigation simple and are designed to play an integral part of your business continuity strategy, whether you need a simple off-site copy or a full disaster recovery solution.
Our backup solution boasts used-based pricing meaning you can pay as you grow and only pay for the storage you're using.VeeamBackup.jpg
Need more than just a backup solution? Our replication service is simple to set up and offers a 1 click failover of specific VMs or an entire site. Quickly executive site failover testing for failover simulation, without disrupting production workloads.VeeamRep.jpg

Veeam customers can access our Veeam Cloud Connect Backup and Veeam Cloud Connect Replication solutions.
Our single and multi-tenant managed private clouds provide peace of mind and free up your IT resources and are a simple solution with no hardware or hypervisor to manage. cloud.jpg
Whipcord's cloud gives customers the ability to leverage high-availability computing and storage infrastructure without worrying about ownership, maintenance or scalability.
Whipcord provides connectivity solutions including Internet bandwidth, national and international private MPLS connectivity, and managed firewall and VPN services. Our relationships with the major carriers allows us to meet all your connectivity needs. 
We utilize an advanced software-based Intelligent Routing Platform to ensure minimum latency and packet loss across our BGP network as well as a monitoring solution to monitor your applications, uptime, CPU, RAM, etc.

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