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Whipcord offers a wide variety of superior connectivity options to meet your compliance requirements, flexible monitoring needs, maximize performance, and protect your business-critical data across multiple environments. 

Our network services portfolio covers a diverse range of connectivity solutions and managed network devices. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to design, implement, monitor and maintain your network. From managed firewalls to international MPLS, we have you covered.

Reliable and Secure Network Service Options for Every Business Need


Whipcord provides fast, reliable multi-homed BGP Internet connectivity to customers within our facilities using carrier-grade Juniper infrastructure. We utilize an advanced software based Intelligent Routing Platform to ensure minimum latency and packet loss across our BGP network.

Our colocation and private cloud services include 200 Mb of bandwidth on our free tier. Additional dedicated service tiers are available up to 10 Gb and include our 99.99% Service Level Agreement. 


When you need highly stable and predictable latency, packet loss and jitter, private connectivity is the answer.

Our MPLS service provides secure, private connectivity back to our facilities from your offices, your customers, or other data centres. 

We work with a number of national and international wholesale partners to provide our customers with managed layer 2 network services to almost any destination. 

Our Network Service Options

BYON – Bring Your Own Network

Our facilities are carrier-neutral, meaning that you don’t need to use our network services. You’re free to contract directly with the carrier of your choice. We can provide cross-connects between your physical or virtual machines and your network provider via highly secure “meet-me” rooms. Our Vancouver and Toronto facilities are located in major “carrier hotels” with access to virtually any carrier offering service in Canada. Our Alberta facility is on-net with TELUS, Shaw, and Cybera.


Cybera operates Alberta’s provincial research and education network, and connections to CANARIE, Canada’s national research and education network. As a Cybera member, Whipcord is on-net and able to provide connectivity to other Cybera members. We work extensively with school boards and other educational entities to provide cloud services accessible over the Cybera network. 


AXIA operates the Alberta Supernet, a government funded fibre optic network connecting 429 communities across the province. Whipcord is able to provide AXIA connectivity to our Alberta customer. As with Cybera, our educational customers utilize AXIA’s network to leverage our cloud services.

Managed Network Services


From cost-effective open-source solutions to carrier-grade Juniper hardware, we have a managed firewall solution that will meet your needs. Our standard virtual firewall uses the open-source pfSense software with basic functionality. For advanced requirements including subscription-based security services, we offer virtual and physical Juniper SRX security devices.


For secure Internet-based connectivity, we offer managed site-to-site and client-server VPN solutions based on OpenVPN. The OpenVPN Access Server includes an easy-to-use VPN client for your end users that is compatible with Windows, OS X, IOS and Android devices.

Load Balancers

We provide open-source reverse proxy and load balancer solutions based primarily on nginx. A reverse proxy can provide an additional layer of security for your web-based application by isolating your application server from the Internet. Proxy servers can also provide load balancing between multiple application servers in order to scale your application and provide additional redundancy.

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